Plastic Surgery Becoming Normal in Singapore

Prevalence among the young

Plastic surgeons in Singapore observe that the procedure is most preferred by the young people, especially teenagers who mainly request for rhinoplasty, double-eyelid operation and breast augmentation. The teenagers and the young people, in general, have popularized plastic surgery in Singapore given that they are driven by the desire to look attractive. Social media has fueled the deep desire, because of the prevalence of photo postings and selfies, on Instagram, and snapchat and facebook. The situation has made more people critical of how they look, given that they are under immense pressure to appear perfect always.

The power of looks

The issue of appearance is common in all parts of the world since currently people are judged based on how they look, rather than what they can offer. The traditional metrics of intelligence quotient level, personality and behaviour have been replaced by natural looks in all facets of the world including the corporate arena where the correlation between looks and career success significantly huge. The situation mostly affects ladies and has increased the prevalence of plastic surgery in Singapore because beauty has been linked with the ability to attract a life partner of a high calibre. Successful men are always looking for beautiful women; the more reason ladies are undergoing the procedure to change their destiny and life.

Plastic surgery in Singapore has been made easier by the accommodative society since parents are becoming increasingly receptive and supportive. Some have even undergone surgery, or have friends that have done it, which is why they have become accommodative of their children who are willing to do plastic surgery.

Constricting factors

The issue of plastic surgery in Singapore is still not taken casually compared to countries like Korea where it is a regular occurrence. This has seen many people from Singapore travelling Oversees to undergo their surgery. Plastic surgeons in Singapore are also few, and there is little information available regarding the procedure, making it difficult to know the facilities that offer high-quality service. Plastic surgeons in Singapore also charge insanely high compared to their counterparts overseas, which is why plastic surgery in Singapore is still not prevalent.


Plastic surgeons in Singapore have noted that among the main things holding people back is nervousness since the procedure requires one to go under the knife. Locating the best plastic surgeon in Singapore who is competent enough and understands feelings of the client is an uphill task since most of them are in their early years of practice since plastic surgery has been a foreign concept in Singapore for a long time.

Other aims of plastic surgery in Singapore

Apart from being an aesthetic procedure common among people who would like to boost their looks, plastic surgery in Singapore is done for correction purposes, as a means of restoring a person’s previous normal looks or correcting deformities one is born with. Such procedures include nipple and breast reconstruction in women, correction of inverted nipples, gynecomastia which involves elimination of man boobs and correction of deformities in the ears.


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