How Photo Booths Can Add Value To Your Company Event

Photo booths have seen a recent resurgence. When you attend a department function, corporate networking event or your company’s dinner and dance, chances are that you will likely be able to spot an instant photo booth in Singapore. It is pretty easy to spot – there will be a backdrop set up in front of a professional camera and studio lights. It would almost look like you’re in a photography studio. These pop-up studio style booths allow you and other event guests to pose in front of the camera and receive a glossy print-out of your photo on the spot. The process is instantaneous and hassle-free; you just need to give the booth a minute or two to print out the photo and slot them into sleeves. Why are these photo booths popping up everywhere? Here are a few reasons:

It appeals to the young

With a camera phone forever in their pocket, teenagers and young adults know very well the intricacies of taking photos. They’ve lived their lives surrounded by social media and get very excited when they see themselves poised perfectly in a stunning photograph. Photo booths are perfect for this target audience. A young person is very likely to be excited by the prospect of having their picture taken at a photo booth, especially so if they are into scrapbooking, journaling or blogging. Many schools, such as the National University of Singapore (NUS), hire photo booth vendors in Singapore during student events such as student orientation or proms. Photo booths at an event will surely make a young person’s night.

An instant gift

There is something special about receiving presents and we all know it! We feel warm and fuzzy inside when someone hands us a gift. We get the feeling that the person cares about us enough to give us something. The feeling is multiplied when we receive a specialised, custom-made gift. A photo booth at your upcoming corporate event provides just that – a photograph of your colleagues and their best friends at work to help them remember the event. It is subtle, but there is the embedded message that the organisers, your team, are looking out for their interest. That is why so many corporations are incorporating photo booths into their events.

An inexpensive and fuss free but great entertainment addition to the event’s program

When hosting an event or wedding, a photo booth can help guests pass the time in between the more important parts of the events. The best photo booth in Singapore is as fun as it is professional. Each guest can pick up props such as plushies or toy swords and pose for the camera. Each prop they use will totally transform their photo. There are limitless possibilities to what they can do in front of the camera! Best of all, the best photo booth vendor would charge a flat rate for the photo booth so guests – like your colleagues – can take as many pictures as they want without having to be paiseh about it. Now, that’s a good deal!


A photo booth is the perfect inclusion to any company event. With the appeal of gorgeous photographs and a special commemorative gift, a photo booth at the corporate event you’re planning is certain to be a welcome addition.

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