How To Shape The Ultimate Working Environment In The Kitchen

The key to running a well-managed restaurant kitchen is having a united team who trusts each other, and works together in a harmonious environment. But, creating such an atmosphere may not come easy.

Below are a few tips to ensure that your kitchen team works harmoniously regardless of the situation.

Establish a good information flow system

If there’s one thing that all the good kitchens have in common, it’s that they almost always have a kitchen expeditor, or at least, someone who holds a similar post.

Expeditors are the ones responsible for relaying information from the front house staff to the kitchen staff; they make sure that each table receives the right set of orders. This pretty much eliminates any communication between the house staff and kitchen staff, which helps keep things moving because the front staff doesn’t have to worry about what’s happening in the back, and the kitchen staff can focus on their work.

Avoid micromanaging

Empower the head chef to coordinate the activities of everyone in the kitchen so each member is where they are supposed to be. However, have a backup plan in mind. For example, what if one of the kitchen staff was absent? Or, what if the restaurant is packed full much longer than usual? Prepare for such eventualities by planning beforehand how to shift staff to where they’re most effective or necessary and to prepare them for unexpected circumstances.

Reward teamwork

Don’t forget to praise your kitchen staff for a job well done. Even if it’s just for something as “simple” as surviving the nightly dinner rush.

Of course, be on the lookout for exemplary employees. Never let their extra efforts go unnoticed. By showing gratitude for employees who go out of their way, you create a positive team culture and when you have a kitchen where people help each other out and are rewarded for doing well, the teamwork will follow suit.

Invest in equipment

Nothing makes morale tank more than a shoddy workplace. This is especially true in the kitchen. Often, your kitchen staff are motivated to work because they want to serve good food, however to do that, and to know that their jobs are important, they’ll need the necessary singapore restaurant equipment to do so. This also makes them feel valued and invested in.

Unsanitary and badly equipped kitchens aren’t just bad for your employees, they’re bad for your business in general. If you get inspected, expect to pay hefty fines for failing to keep your kitchen clean and sanitary.

Remember, kitchens have to be immaculate. They arguably should be the cleanest place in your restaurant. If this means investing in a new set of Singapore restaurant cooking equipment, then go for it! But, more than anything else, make sure that the kitchen is designed properly so your staff, especially the chefs, have their own stations and will not obstruct each other’s space, especially during peak restaurant hours.

Just like every dish, every step of the process is important and together, they help create a product that’s well-worth paying for. To create a harmonious working environment in the kitchen, you need to approach it the same way as you would when creating a dish.

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