How to Buy Your First Pair of Bedside Tables in Singapore

Buying furniture may be one of the most difficult tasks, especially if you are particular about dimensions, open space and lighting. Having an eye for detail when deciding on room furniture and décor is not such a bad thing, after all you are going to live in that space for your entire life, or at least, spend a considerable time there.

Let’s get to the point. Bedside tables are one of the trickiest pieces of furniture. You may be able to decide on the thread count of your bedlinen and the clothes storage, but the dilemma of having to figure out what can go along with either side of your bed can eat up a lot of time.

You wouldn’t want a practical and minimalistic piece that will appear out-of-place, and you certainly do not want a chunk of wood sitting beside your bed frame, giving you the feeling of a dense forest.

What should I look for in a bedside table?

Singapore is home to some of the best furniture shop in the world, offering you a fusion of luxury and contemporary furniture, but if you have decided to opt for something clean and minimal, you will still be able to spend your cash and bring home some amazing room fillers. However, before you walk out of a furniture shop in Singapore, there are several dimensions that you need to get sorted out.

Firstly, you need to think of the Types & Storage. You will come across three types:

  1. Simple Bedside Tables
  2. Nightstands
  3. Bedside Cabinets

Simple bedside tables are multipurpose furniture pieces that can complement any part of the house, therefore, making them a part of your bedroom will definitely improve the aesthetics of the room.

Nightstands, on the other hand, are more catered to the needs of a bedroom. These generally include a drawer so that you can store your night essentials, and it may even include a bottom shelf for magazines and novels.

Bedside cabinets are a more modern alternative to the conventional nightstands. These are essentially chests with 2-3 drawers for keeping your PJs and other nightwear separate from your main wardrobe. Most bedrooms today even include a minimalistic bookshelf instead of a bedside table.

No matter what you end up deciding on, every bedside tabletop has enough space to place a lamp and an alarm clock.

Height & Symmetry

Along with the types, you also need to consider the height and the symmetry of a bedside table. The ideal bedside table should just reach the top of your mattress, give or take a few inches. This will make it easier for you to reach the lamp or the glass of water when you feel thirsty in the middle of the night.

Sometimes, mixing up the symmetry of your furniture makes up for an elegant room, for example, pairing a bamboo-style, round bedside table with a provincial bed frame. If you are thinking out of the box, you can also refine the room aesthetics by opting for hand-carved bedside tables or vintage storage trunks.

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