Steps To Picking The Best Agent For House Hunting

The homeownership journey can be quite gruelling for both first-time buyers and veterans. For the first time buyer, the journey is new and may have no idea where to begin. You are not sure whether every turn you take is right or wrong. You may have taken the time to think about the options and finally decided to make a move.

You had no idea how difficult the journey would be until the idea of getting a real estate agent to work with stuck your mind. For the veterans who buy houses every other time, well every transaction is unique. You will always encounter something new in every transaction. However, with a real estate agent, the journey does not have to be that tough.

Getting the right one will be your game changer. The agent will deliver the kind of results you require and on time. So how will you tell whether you have the right agent to walk the joint journey with you? Read on.

Check Their License

Though in dire need of real estate agents, you cannot afford to engage anyone you meet in the street. You will add to your stress levels. All credible real estate agents in Singapore have licenses. Before committing, check their license. Take the time to check with the necessary authorities for any disciplinary action against your preferred agent. Once you are sure they have a clean license, you can engage further.

Level of Expertise

The reason you are seeking the services of an agent is to get value for money. Therefore, ask the right questions before working with any of them. Other than their years of experience, what else do they have to offer? What makes them unique and the right fit for your assignments?

Do they have expertise in handling residential customers? Can they deliver within the agreed time? Do they have experience in your preferred hood? Getting answers to these questions will make it easy for you to sieve through the numerous agents and get the right one.

To make the work easier for the two of you, why not give the agent ideas on the kind of property or neighbourhood you have in mind. If you have properties such as the Mayfair Gardens condo and Fourth Avenue Residences condo in mind, your agent will have ideas on where to start.


Then kind of agent you choose has probably worked with other customers. Make sure you take the time to review what the customers say about him. Were they happy with the services or he was merely an agent making a kill and moving on to other customers? You can even ask around for the people who know him and the kind of person he is.

If the agent has a website, check the ratings. Search on social media for any complains. Once you feel the kind of reviews is satisfactory, then you can work together.

Customer Service

Your wish is to make your home hunting journey seamless and less hectic. Otherwise, you would have hit the road in search of your dream home. Working with an agent who has no reference for customer service is not worth the time. Work with someone who will give you timely feedback and is reachable. You can tell this from your initial meeting.

Does he take time before returning a call? Timely response is essential and will make it easy for you. Does he have so many customers complaining about poor services? Does he deliver accordingly? What motivates him? Is it about the money or he has the desire to provide quality and speedy services?

If you finally decide a home like Juniper Hill Condo is the kind of house you want for your family, then your agent should have an idea on how to help you close the transaction without too many bottlenecks.

The agent should have other complimentary services that come with home buying or guide you on where to get them. That way you will know you have a professional by your side. With the guidelines above, sit, relax and wait for your agent to walk the miles to deliver your dream home.

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