6 Recent Evolution In The CCTV Technology

CCTV systems in Singapore used to be basic devices that could only capture footage of the immediate area in front of them. The base technology didn’t improve much for years, except for minor adjustments every few years.

Today, CCTV surveillance systems have improved by leaps and bounds in the past few years. They are now more versatile, much easier to operate, and more effective at surveillance. Here are 6 latest technological improvements of CCTV camera systems in Singapore.

1. They can recognise faces

CCTV camera systems are now able to recognise faces that belong to each household. All you have to do is register each family member into the camera’s system. When a family member reaches home, the camera recognises their face and alerts whoever is monitoring the system.

For families with latchkey children, having such systems will be very useful. In the event of suspicious characters trying to break in the security system will sound an alarm.

2. Night Vision

While night vision has been a feature for camera systems for a long time, technological improvements have been made. Before, cameras worked only when there was light, which allowed intruders to get away with crimes committed at night. Now, night vision allows the camera to see even without light and withstand all sorts of weather elements. So come rain or shine, they will keep recording.

3. You can integrate smartphone apps

You can now receive surveillance footage direct to your smartphones through downloadable apps. It is not just a matter of getting a live video feed from your camera. You can perform operations such as zooming into an area of interest all from your smartphone, no matter where you might be.

4. 360-degree fields of view

As cameras now have a range of up to 360 degrees in radius, one camera is usually sufficient to oversee an area. Video quality still remains high despite the large scanning range of these systems.

5. Solar power technology

CCTV cabling is not only unsightly but also costs a fortune which may break businesses with a low budget. Even wireless systems operate with power cables. With the advent of 21st-century technology, there are solar-powered CCTV cameras as alternatives.  Such systems can be installed on any part of your premises without having to be constrained by cable length.

6. Voice integration

Remote control functionality is no longer impressive. Voice integration is currently all the rage, where users can control devices by saying a word or a phrase out loud. You can make your camera zoom in or turn its angle, all with just your voice.

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