The Essential Movie List for Science and Physics Fans

Sticking only to long and complex lectures about science, the properties of matter and nature of energy can cause you to feel weary about science and physics. You should relax and see the subject in a more engaging light. Engage yourself in some sort of entertainment such as watching educative television programs.

Most sci-fi films base their ideas on real physics principles. This has made it easier to study Physics since some abstract concepts are explained through entertainment.

If you found something too difficult to understand during your h2 physics tuition, films can help you understand difficult concepts. However, some of these films extend beyond your normal thinking and understanding thus borrowing ideas across different disciplines that support and go hand in hand in making the theoretical physics more practical. Its time you sit down, relax and watch these films

2001: A Space Odyssey
This film has been viewed by many as to have brought about the idea of artificial intelligence (A.I). Due to man’s evolution in technology, “Hal” an artificial intelligence helps the crew in navigating through space. It’s a little different from modern science fiction films, though it majorly focuses on space exploration and the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

I.Q (1994)
This film has an interesting base since it basically revolves around our natural lives. It partly shows life is about many things, unlike Catharine’s Boyd understanding of life as something limited to her mind. Ed Walters, with the help of Catharine’s uncle, Albert Einstein, gains her attention due to his vast understanding of the universe.

The Abyss (1989)
Deep-sea films are rare. In this film, a submarine sinks nearly to the bottom of the sea. The U.S government sends a SEAL team to salvage what is left and understand what happened to the sub. An investigation carried out by one of the crewmembers suggests that there is a non-terrestrial intelligence (N.T.I) also exploring the area. It will be a great movie if you wish to understand how submarine vessels operate.

The Theory Of Everything (2014)
Stephen Hawking’s, an astrophysics student at the University of Cambridge realizes that he has approximately two years to live since he suffers from a motor neuron disease. He writes a thesis regarding the nature of black holes and later develops a theory, which makes him a world-renowned physicist.

Apollo 13 (1995)
After the visit to the moon by Neil Armstrong and his team, Commander John Lovell and his team board the Apollo 13 and head to the moon. This spacecraft experience difficulty in the early stages of its journey, which eventually makes it difficult to complete its mission. This film recounts this true story.

Gravity (2013)
A crew is sent to service a space telescope when a command centre in Houston alerts the team on a Russian missile strike on a satellite. The chain reaction caused by the explosion sends space debris, which knocks out communication satellites. Two of the surviving astronauts decide to seek help elsewhere in the other space stations.

The Martian (2015)
This film focuses on the survival of an astronaut left behind after an accident that makes his fellow crewmembers believe he is dead. His understanding of science as a whole helps him to survive until he gets help.

Einstein and Eddington (2008)
This film focuses on a time when world’s nations are waging war against each other. Einstein travels from Zurich to Germany, where he is expected to help in the war. Eddington supports Einstein where he later manages to complete his theory of relativity.

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