Tips on Walking Your Pets Through Their Mourning Period

Animals, plants and human beings all have a birthdate and a date in which they will pass. We cannot predict the latter accurately until it happens, but we can do our best to prepare ourselves for it.

The loss of a close friend brings a lot of sadness and we must learn to mitigate and live with the fact that life has to go on. Just like their owners, pets can go through a period of grief and sadness. Some of them, especially dogs, can get depressed and even refuse to eat. As its owner, you can bring your pet out of its sadness and into normalcy once more. Here are a few ways you can achieve this:

Saying goodbye

Just like humans, pets have a difficult time learning to live without their companion or friend and saying goodbye is the first step in learning to live without someone. As humans, we organise a funeral for everyone to pay their final respects, and it should not be that different for our pets.

As questionable as this may seem, let your dog view the body of the deceased companion for him or her to come to terms with the loss. How your pet reacts will depend on how close they were to each other and the subsequent steps you will take to make him or her feel better.

Keep your routine

One way of coping with sadness is to keep ourselves busy. We occupy our minds with work, a hobby or exercise to take our minds off the loss. When we sit idle, we open ourselves to too many thoughts that may land us in a depressed state of mind.

Keeping your pet entertained and engaged can help get rid of some of the stress going on in his heart and mind. Carry on your usual walks and grooming routines so that your pet can cling on to this area of normalcy in his life.

Adjustment period

Just like humans, dogs require ample time to adjust and deal with loss. Your pet may also have trouble eating, and you have to let him or her go through that phase and emerge from the other side feeling better. Do not force them to eat or drink when they don’t want to, but coax them gently and be patient. If you’re worried about their health, never hesitate to bring them to a vet in Singapore for a checkup.


Dogs who live together get quite used to each other and enjoy each other’s company. When one of them passes on, the environment at home can initially feel lonely without their everyday companion. You can equate it to the loss of a sibling or spouse, which is hard to come to terms with.

Help your pet fill this void. Play with your pet a little more and give it more attention for a period of time. You can increase the time you spend with the pet on walks, organise play dates and spend more time cuddling with him or her. Singapore best pet grooming can also do lonely pets a lot of good through pampering that gets them a more relaxed.

Get a new pet

For many, this may be the first thing that comes to mind once a pet passes away and you realise you have another sad and depressed one at home. However, replacing your pet will never be a solution; your pet was a loved and unique individual, and you should give the whole family the necessary time to mourn and also celebrate his life. Once things have stabilised and returned to normal, you can then gradually introduce the idea of a new pet. Try to see how your potential new pet interacts with your friend’s dog then later enter pet boarding to see if the new pet can handle having a new companion.

Getting over the loss of a furry friend is never easy, and it is especially hard for their other pet companions. However, walking your dog through this journey will strengthen your bond and the both of you will come out of this better and more grateful for each other.

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