3 Unique Ways To Capture Your Favourite Moments

Are you the type of person who gets excited whenever you see a beautifully taken photograph? The stunning background of a dreamy destination, the perfect complexion of the gorgeous model, or the artistic photo effects can all come together to create a photo that wows you and many other people. Maybe you dream of having a collection of such photos someday, showing yourself in the best times of your life, immortalising the joy that you felt.

Today, there are many opportunities out there to get yourself the perfect picture. After you put on your makeup and head out for the day, be mindful of these three ways to get the amazing photograph you’ve always wanted:

Instant photo booth Singapore

If you ever see a photo booth at weddings or corporate events, it is one great opportunity for you to pose for that perfect photo. Wedding photo booths in singapore are seen in many weddings nowadays. Professional photo booths employ the best lenses and lighting, to ensure that every guest receives a photo of them at their very best. A few minutes after the shot is taken, you can receive an instant print-out of your photo to bring home. You can even download your photo via social media immediately after the photo is taken, to preserve it digitally forever. With the best photo booth in singapore, you’ll surely be happy with the photo you receive.

Personal photographs – using your phone!

With image-capturing technologies being so advanced today, looking perfect in a photo taken from your mobile phone has never been easier. The front-facing camera allows you to even take photos without the help of other people – which is important when you want total control over your shot. Just a few considerations to lighting, framing and a good camera lens, and your pictures have the potential to be Hollywood worthy.

To get the perfect shot, try to ensure that the picture has a visual hierarchy. That means that there is a main area that a photo viewer should focus on, which could be your face, the beautiful landscape, or a subject. There should be other details in the photo too, to guide the viewer in interpreting the image. When trying out personal photography, try out different angles as well – you never know when you can get the perfect image.


If you think you can’t capture your full charm using a photograph, why not consider having a drawing of yourself done instead? Artists and illustrators can highlight your personality through their work while showing off your visual features. A good caricaturist will spend about 30 minutes or less drawing your portrait, while you sit in a comfortable position. Soon, you’ll see a beautiful pencil drawn-portrait, showing off the artist’s skilful work. You can find these talented individuals at most local comic conventions or expos. Try something different for your portrait from time to time to add variety to your portfolio of pictures!


Photos are a perfect way to capture your memories and reminisce over the past. Remember to capture the most stunning moments in your life, so you can look back on everything with fondness.

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