Guide to Looking After Your CCTV Camera

You can have singapore’s best cctv system, and yet, it won’t be able to do its job and protect your property as well as it should. Regular maintenance can go a long way in making sure that your cctv camera system for home use operate at its best. But, don’t worry, regular maintenance doesn’t mean every day; you only have to do it every now and then.

Below are a few tips that can help you keep your surveillance system in tip-top shape:

Do A Basic Check
Look out for any signs of corrosion, and make sure that all of the cables aren’t worn out yet. Check the UPS system periodically and make sure that you keep the battery fully charged so in case your establishment loses power, all of your cameras still continue working.

Clean Camera Lenses Bi-Annually
Over time, your camera surveillance system will gather dust, water spots, and other elements that may obstruct vision and affect video and image quality. There’s nothing worse than catching a perpetrator in the act, only for poor video or image quality to make identifying them difficulty.

Cleaning the lenses by removing them and giving them a good wipe using water and lint-free cloth at least once every six months can prevent this from happening.

Repair or Replace Cameras As Needed
Periodically check the cameras for image quality, and as soon as one shows signs of degradation, check them out if they need replacing already. Often, you can get away with just repairing them, but do prepare enough budget to replace them just in case. For this very reason, you’ll want to buy from a trusted and reputable manufacturer that sells replacement parts or accessories in your area, so you don’t have a hard time repairing your cameras.

It should already go without saying that camera manufacturers who offer long-term warranties for their products are the best choice for CCTV camera system for home use.

Use Weatherproof Camera Housing
If you’re not using waterproof camera housing for your CCTV camera system, then you’re doing it wrong. Consider them as an investment to protect your cameras and make sure that they’re running properly all-year.

Risk factors to watch out for, are water, condensation, dirt, and overexposure to sunlight. Cameras constantly exposed to the elements are good candidates for weatherproof camera housing.

Keep the Manuals in a Safe Place
Your security system cameras should have come with a manual after installation. Keep them in a safe place that you can access easily when necessary. This way, you can read them in case there’s a problem with the cameras and repair them yourself to save yourself some money.

Kudos to you for using a CCTV camera system for home security. However, the cameras are only as good if they work. And, if they don’t, well, what’s the use of having them installed if they can’t protect you? By maintaining your security systems at least once every six months, you can ensure the integrity of your systems and keep your house or your business establishment safe and secure.

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