Corporate gifts that will not be thrown aside

Were you once given a gift by a friend, relative or colleague but you never touched it? It either ended up in the dustbin or gathered dust at the corner of your office? Well, this happens when we have the best intentions but end up choosing the wrong gift. You may also select the right gift but it may still not be used for long. While deciding on that corporate gift, think about the values you stand for.

Let the gift reflect these values and remember to respect those of the recipient. For instance, a Muslim client does not expect to receive pork as a gift from you despite the fact that you may run a hotel or butchery. Let the award reflect the fact that you value your customers and staff. While choosing one, go for the highest quality within your budget. Cheap gifts will send a mixed signal to the recipients, no matter how good your intentions. If you are considering sending that hamper to your valued customers or staff, here are timeless gifts to consider:

Portable charges
Most people own smartphones or have a tablet or an iPad. These gadgets continuously require charging. With that in mind, gifting your staff or client a portable will be a terrific idea. It’s a unisex token of appreciation, therefore, will be suitable for most of your customers or employees. Do not just walk to an electronic shop and buy one. Do it like an entrepreneur.  Look for corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore, ask them for the portable chargers at a wholesale price and engrave your logo on them. Use your company’s logos and themes to give them that sleek corporate look. The recipients will never throw them away. They will use them especially when they travelling and will always remember your kindness.

Bluetooth speaker
We all love music, don’t we? So do your clients and staff. Therefore, this exceptional gift will melt the heart of your client. They will know you care about their welfare. Whenever they are bogged by pressure or work-related stress, they will enjoy a great break listening to their favourite songs.

Leather document holders
Who doesn’t have essential documents? We may not all have academic papers, but we at least have valuable documents that require proper storage. Your client can always carry their documents in this remarkable gift whenever they leave the office. You can have the initials of their names carefully engraved on the bag. They will feel special that you went out of your way to offer such a gift.

Water bottles
If you want your customers to carry your brand whenever they go, then this is the gift to consider. Gifting such a practical gift to your customers or employees will win you a special place in their hearts. They will know that you care about their health since you wish them to stay hydrated. When searching for this gift remember to consider quality and safety. If you must go for plastic water bottles, remember to order for eco-friendly bottles. Inscribing your company logo on them does not hurt.

From the choices above, you will have no reason not to gift your customers and staff unique corporate gifts. You will be sure the recipients will not throw them into the dustbin or place them at the corner of their offices. You can visit corporate gift suppliers in singapore and choose from their range of useful gifts.

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