Find Everything Thai at the Golden Mile Complex, Singapore!

By now, you probably already know that Singapore is a country that offers a rich blend of many Asiatic cultures and peoples. Amongst the cultures you can sample is Thai. At the Golden Mile Complex, you can purchase lots of Thai merchandise to carry back home and delve into more cultural experiences for creation of beautiful memories.

Thai Cuisine to treat your taste buds

High up in your list of priorities when it comes to experiencing Thai culture is to taste the dishes. It is no secret that Thai cuisine is world-acclaimed and when visiting Singapore, you have a chance to sample it at last!

The Golden Mile Complex is a mall in Singapore that offers you all things Thai and here, you cannot go wrong with cultural dishes. This is because a great deal of the restaurants here is managed by native Thai people and as a result, your meals are prepared by experts! Needless to say, most of Thai dishes consist of rice but you will be amazed by the different, delicious ways that it is cooked!

Mementos, handicrafts and other cultural symbols

The Golden Mile Complex gives you the chance to select amongst numerous cultural symbols, mementos and handicraft merchandise that reflect Thai culture.

As you may be probably aware, much of Thai culture is influenced by religion; mainly Buddhism. Hence, you will find symbols and handicrafts with Buddhist effects that will form a great addition to your souvenir collection.

If these items are being purchased for the purposes of gifting a special someone, choose for them that which they will have no trouble keeping forever. Handicrafts with deep religious symbolism are best bought for those with a tight connection to the religion. Nevertheless, even for your non-Buddhist loved ones, you will certainly find something fancy that will be appreciated.

Thai clothing

The wonderful people of Thailand are known for their distinctive Chut Thai which is a significant component of their attire. The outfit can be creatively designed to suit children, men and women and as such, you can pretty much find amazing attire for your entire family.

Available in both bright and more subdued colours, you will not go wrong with traditional Thai clothing in your wardrobe!

Works of Art

Thai art is usually very appealing to those who have a passion for the discipline. Whether you are interested in literary or visual arts, the colourfulness and charisma displayed by both will leave you pleasantly mesmerized.

Indian influences play a big role in both elements of Thai art and therefore, it is common to find variations of original works from India. Nevertheless, they are adapted to give out the unique aura of Thailand and in whatever form you get to purchase them, are a worthy addition to your collection.

You can also get fantastic pieces of music and poetry as well as striking paintings of different Thai symbols.


Thai culture offers numerous, interesting stuff that you can savour and even get to carry back home after your visit! To make shopping easier for you, the Golden Mile Complex stands ready and welcoming!

It would help to make a rough list of the things you might be interested in seeing and buying before you head out on your cultural excursion!

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