Golden Mile Complex is both a commercial and residential property located between the Beach Road and Nicoll Highway. As one of the government’s urban renewal projects, Golden Mile Complex has transformed to an exemplary mega structure resembling a giant typewriter when viewed from Nicoll Highway. The stepped-terrace architectural design of the Complex makes it a colossal edifice in Singapore, as it gives a panoramic view of the sky and the sea as it is facing the Kallang Basin.

Golden Mile Complex’s front entrance faces Nicoll Highway. It is, however, noteworthy to state that it is serviced mainly its rear entrance, where the popular Phra Phrom Shrine is situated.

The redevelopment of Beach Road for the project started in 1967. Moreover, by mid-1971, the complex was fully under construction and completed in 1973. The 16-floor complex is about 89 meters tall, accommodating to 411 shops and 500 parking places. The lower floor contains a retail mall and offices while the upper floors contain the apartments. The building was previously named as Woh Hup Complex.

Golden Mile Complex’s atrium and its lively scenes along with its surroundings reveal what an ethnic enclave the complex is. The shopping mall has Thai clubs, shops, food stalls and not forgetting ticketing agencies for travelers.

The building is also a popular drop-off or departure point for buses. Several bus companies operate on the ground floor of the complex to sell their tickets. Among these bus companies include Transtar, Sri Maju, StartMart Express, Grassland Express, Five Starts Tours, Kwang Chow Travel, and Konsortium.

There are popular hotels located nearby The Golden Mile Complex. The presence of exotic eateries and restaurants within the complex and at other buildings like Thai Restaurant, Diandin Leluk, and Golden Mile Food Centre, makes it a central point of activities for people who relish in traditional Thai food and products. Bordering the Golden Mile Complex are amenities like grocery, retail shopping, banks among others.

To the natives of Singapore and tourists, Golden Mile Complex is historic and a place to be. Getting here is not a problem as it is located in the central of Singapore.